Statue of Rebecca
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Statue of Rebecca

Named for the biblical Rebekah-at-the-well, B.I.’s “Rebecca” stands proudly at the intersection of four Old Harbor roads. This iconic Block Island lady was put in place in 1896 by the local Women’s Christian Temperance Movement, which hoped to curb the consumption of alcohol on Block Island. Temperence fountains were installed in hundreds of communities; the idea was to offer clean water as a healthier option than the ubiquitous refresher of the time, beer. Restoration experts have concluded that Rebecca is in fact Hebe, cupbearer to the Gods at Mt. Olympus, also goddess of youth and wife of Hercules. Hebe was said to have diluted the wine she served with water. The statue was recast in 2001 and still succeeds in reminding the public to be mindful of what we drink.

• Block Island Square• Block Island, RI• 02807• Phone: 401
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