Block Island Trivia

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“How small is small?”

Block Island is the smallest town in the smallest state in the USA.

“Most isolated town in the Atlantic?”

Block Island, in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of southern New England, is further from other land (both from the mainland and other islands) than any other town along the entire 1,800 mile eastern coast of the United States.

“Rhode Island? Is there such a place?”

The state’s name is actually Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. Aquidneck Island (officially named Rhode Island) is the largest island in Narragansett Bay.

“Rhode” is believed to be a reference to the Isle of Rhodes in the Mediterranean. Providence Plantations refers to what was once farmlands stretching southward from Providence, to the ocean, along the bay.

“Can you say ‘at’ Block Island?”

Also while on Block Island you must be sure to never, EVER, make the mistake of some travel writers who say they are “ON New Shoreham,” or, worse: “IN Block Island.”

You’d be more highly looked upon if instead you had merely stumbled into a fully seated table at a restaurant knocking all food and drinks to the floor.